Meet the Locals

Killer Whale Tour Campbell River

Orca / Killer Whale

Largest member of the dolphin family. Highly social, sophisticated hunters, apex predators. Iconic resident and transient populations are found in BC.

campbell river whale watching tours humpback whale

Humpback Whale

Adults grow to 16 meters and weigh up to 30 tons! They migrate up to 15,000 miles each year, feeding on krill and small fish. A real crowd pleaser!


Pacific White-sided Dolphin

Often seen in close-knit groups of 10- 100, they love to bow ride! The Pacific white-sided dolphin live up to 40 years, and have their own unique names.


Grizzly Bear

A Canadian icon with large coastal males standing over 3 meters tall! They hibernate for 5-7 months of the year, and feed on salmon and berries.

Black bear in the forest, Canada, summer season

Black Bear

Better eyesight, hearing and sense of smell than a human. Feeding mainly on vegetation during dusk or dawn light. Often seen along the BC coast.

Eagle Show Campbell River

Bald Eagle

An iconic species found swooping down and feeding on fish, with a typical wingspan of 2 meters. It takes up to 5 years to attain their white heads.


Dall's Porpoise

Found only in the waters of the North Pacific and growing up to 2.3 meters in length, they feed on schooling fish and live up to 22 years.


Harbor Seal

Each seal has it’s own unique pattern, they also lack an ear flap, just a canal. Growing to 1.8 meters and 130kg’s, they inhabit much of BC’s coast.


Sea Lion

We’re lucky enough to have the world’s largest species - Steller sea lions, and the smaller California sea lions (noted by their high, domed forehead).


Giant Pacific Octopus

The largest species in the world, with an incredible arm span of over 4-6 meters! The GPO can sometimes be seen as food for hungry sea lions.


Great Blue Heron

Weighing around 2kg’s, but with a wingspan of nearly 2 meters! Found stalking the shallow water and feeding on small fish, swallowing them whole!


Grey Whale

Those magnificent creatures can live between 55 and 70 years, weigh up to 41 tonnes (90,000 lb) and measure up to 14.9 meters (49 ft).