Diving Charters

Why dive on vancouver island?

Vancouver Island scuba diving is known as some of the most colourful and diverse on the planet. Come face to face with a giant pacific octopus, seals, sea lions, or maybe even a pair of mated wolf eels. If that’s not enough, you can drift along the beautiful reefs or explore one of the many historic shipwrecks. See why Jacques Cousteau rated this region one of the best in the world!

Comox / Hornby Island DIVING CHARTERS

If you are looking for a true Big Animal Encounter, then join us for our Comox Diving Charters.

We visit Hornby Island and the surrounding area where we see a diversity of large animals including sea lions, wolf eels, giant Pacific octopus and much more.

There are also numerous shipwrecks in the area including the SS Capilano which sank in 1915 and MV Gulfstream which sank in 1947.

We also offer private boat bookings and technical diving opportunities.

CAMPBELL RIVER diving charters

Discovery Passage has some of the highest volume of tidal flow in the world providing nutrient rich waters to nourish the plethora of marine animals.

There are dozens of popular dive sites in the immediate area including Copper Cliffs, Whiskey Point, Steep Island and the 366’ wreck of the HMCS Columbia.

Please note: due to high currents and challenging diving conditions, our Campbell River Diving Charters are suitable for experienced cold-water divers. 

Wreck Trek

British Columbia has a rich maritime history, and central Vancouver Island is no exception. On occasion we will offer a special multi-day tours where we will visit numerous wrecks including:

  • the SS Capilano (1915),
  • MV Gulfstream (1947),
  • Tug Shamrock,
  • HMCS Columbia (1996),
  • YOGN-82
  • and the May Island Ferry.


Please note: our Wreck Trek is suitable for advanced divers with Nitrox training.

Images by Maxwel Hohn

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