What Have We Been Seeing? 2023’s Spring Tours

Our 2023 wildlife season has been off to a great start. Our first tour was May 17th and we’ve been out almost every day since. Here’s a sneak peek on what we’ve been seeing so far!

Black Bears

black bear eating sedge grasses campbell river bc

Photo by Brand Manager & Skipper Shannon Groenewegen, May 17th 2023

‘Tis the season for bears on beaches! They’ve emerged from hibernation and are ready to eat. North of Campbell River, we’ve been finding them on beaches and estuaries. They are currently eating protein-rich sedge grasses and marine life in the intertidal zone. This big bear was clearly in for a swim just before we arrived, and happily munched on the sedges while we quietly observed from the zodiac.

Killer whales

Killer Whale Campbell River BC

May has been full of killer whale sightings. We’ve encountered the T090’s, T124A2’s, and T019B “Galiano” travelling with his mama T019 “Mooyah”. There’s been some pretty incredible encounters including hunting, socializing, and frolicking!

Humpback whales


The humpbacks have returned from their breeding grounds and there’s been daily sightings! They use this area in the summer months as a feeding ground and we’ve been lucky enough to spot some whales from previous years. We’ve seen BCX0565 “Nick” and BCY0291 “KC”… plus more that haven’t been identified yet. We can’t wait to see who else returns!

Dolphins & Porpoises

Dall's porpoise whale watching campbell river

Dall’s porpoise near Stuart Island, BC – May 17th 2023

These small cetaceans sure aren’t being shy! We’ve seen Pacific white-sided dolphins, Dall’s porpoises, and harbour porpoises regularly. Did you know that Dall’s porpoises are one of the fastest cetaceans in the world, clocking in at 55km/hr in short bursts?

Sea Lions

steller sea lions mitlenatch island- campbell river whale watching

Steller sea lion haulout at Mitlenatch Island – May 20th 2023

Sea lions galore! There are a few haulouts that are packed with Steller sea lions and a few California sea lions. They can be seen sparring, sunbathing, and can be heard roaring from miles away. These are noisy creatures! Check out the big male in the water.

Bald eagles

bald eagle - campbell river whale watching

Photo by Brand Manager and Skipper Shannon Groenewegen May 17th, 2023

Last but not least… bald eagles! The famous Eagle Show is just starting near Stuart Island. Want to see hundreds of bald eagles feeding in the tidal rapids? Join one of our 7 Hour Tours on the dates mentioned in the tour description to see this incredible natural phenomenon.

Ready to join one of our whale watching tours? Book online or give us a call, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!


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