The Eagle Show

Campbell River and its surrounding areas are famous for having some of the most unique and fast tidal rapids in the world.

Between May to July, we visit the Stuart Island area located north of Quadra Island when the currents are at or near their peak flows. Upwards of 300 bald eagles can be found gathering in the trees to feed here. It’s been nicknamed the “Eagle Show”.

The ocean here is known for its wild currents, whirlpools and standing waves.

Whirlpools are created in the Arran Rapids when two opposing currents meet and create an upwelling of the water.

These upwellings are deadly for juvenile hake fish. They are pushed to the surface in large numbers, and trapped there when their swim bladders expand. This makes them easy food for the eagles to feed on. We’ll also watch seals and sea lions feed on these fish as they are unable to swim.

Fully immersed in the experience while moving along with the currents, we’ll watch the eagles surround the boat. They’ll swoop down from the trees and grab hake from the ocean to carry them in their talons back up to the trees and surrounding rocks.

While we have a chance to see bald eagles on each of our tours, this event is an incredible sight! 100s of eagles in one place, just waiting for the fish to appear each day, and the feasting begins.

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