Where’d They Come From, Where’d They Go

The humpback whales that we encounter aren’t here year-round.  Their behaviours vary seasonally with them spending their summers feeding and their winters mating and calving. Temperate waters have higher nutrient and oxygen content in them, and support more krill and small schooling fish that these whales feed on. The warmer waters have very little food […]

Whale Photography Onboard with Big Animal Encounters

Getting the photographs of whales and other marine mammals that you hope to have can be challenging when out on the water. There is a lot to manage including the motion of the ocean, boat movements, focusing on the whales when they surface to breathe, lighting, and then animals disappearing beneath the surface out of […]

Humpback Comeback in BC Waters

Over the past 10 years, humpback whales have made a big comeback in British Columbia waters. Not only are humpbacks returning in larger numbers, but they’re staying longer too. Their growing numbers into these waters is likely due to an increase in food for them around the South and North Coast. They feed on krill […]